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Newborn baby at photoshoot

Pro Photographer Reveals Her Top Baby Photo Tips

Newborn baby photoshoot

Fear of the unknown can make baby photoshoots stressful for parents.

This is especially true if you’re taking baby portraits for the first time.

That’s why we decided to chat with one of our favorite baby photographers, Kath Evans. For 12 years, she’s been capturing spellbinding baby photos from her studio in Beacon, United Kingdom.

“I pride myself on my kind and fun nature,” she says. “And having three children myself, one of whom is on the autism spectrum, I feel I can connect well with children of all ages.”

So, what are Kath’s tips for a great photography session? Keep reading for her expert advice on baby photoshoots.

Getting babies to cooperate for photos

Newborns and infants are notoriously hard to photograph, with struggles ranging from constant wriggling around to full-on crying spells at the photoshoot.

The solution? Kath says that keeping things calm is key getting the perfect baby photos.

“Babies can sense when you’re tense, so I’m always super relaxed,” she says. “After all, there are things I just can’t control, but babies definitely sense that they're safe with me.”

She says it’s important to choose a baby photographer who’s got loads experience and patience to get great shots of your little one.

“I get to know them before we start shooting,” says Kathy. “I let them have a look around, even look at my camera. This immediately creates a bond, and they feel comfortable with me.”

Finding the perfect shot

Anyone with a smartphone knows the struggle of trying to get the perfect shot. Endlessly moving around the frame and repositioning the subjects is something we can all relate to.

According to Kath, however, the perfect baby photo relies less on what you see and more on what you feel.

“I'm always wanting to capture that raw emotion, the real unposed moment,” Kath admits.

To get the cutest baby portrait, your photographer should be in tune with your baby’s feelings as well as their little bodies. 

“With newborns, I can feel them relax and I watch their breathing,” Kath says. “A gentle stroke on the cheek normally creates a reflex of a little smile, too.”

Great photos capture memories, not images

Ultimately, baby photoshoots should be about capturing a beautiful memory.

“I always aim for natural moments. Try to capture moments that mean something to you,” recommends Kath.

Babies don’t stay small forever, so once your photoshoot starts, try to relax and enjoy the experience.

“Time really is precious, and I think our memories should be preserved when possible,” she says.

Kath Evans is a Master Craftsman of newborn baby photography based in Brecon, Mid Wales. For more information, visit Kath Evans Photography or visit Kath on Facebook.

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