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Baby Atlas and the Baby Shusher

Customer Review – “Baby Shusher is My Right-hand Man."

Baby Atlas holding his Baby Shusher

When baby Atlas came along, first-time mom Bianca quickly discovered the power of Baby Shusher.

It became her go-to method of helping Atlas recognize sleepy time and fall asleep. Keeping Atlas on a sleep schedule keeps this baby boy happy and healthy. It also gives Bianca peace of mind that he’s getting the rest he needs.

How did you discover Baby Shusher?

"I'm a first-time mom, so as I was building my registry, I asked all my mom friends for recommendations.

One of my friends recommended Baby Shusher!"

How long have you been using it?

"I was gifted a Baby Shusher from my registry months before Atlas was born. It has lived with him in his crib, stroller and car seat from the moment he got home.

Every single sleep moment from birth 'til now has been with Baby Shusher."

Did Baby Atlas have any sleep issues?

"Atlas had some reflux as a newborn, so sleeping was a bit of an issue for a while. I had to hold him, rock him, and shush him every single nap and bedtime. 

I found very quickly that the sound of my voice shushing him calmed him the most, especially when I did it very loud and close to his ear!

But that got tiring after a while. I used Baby Shusher as my "background track", so I could just chime in every other shush."

How has Baby Shusher helped your baby boy?

"Baby Shusher has been my "right-hand man" in helping cue Atlas for sleep.

There's no way I could shush him consistently on my own, but Baby Shusher can!

It helped me sleep train Atlas so that he understood that the shushing sound meant it was time to sleep."

When do you use Baby Shusher the most?

"He loves it on stroller walks. We bring Baby Shusher along so we can turn it on and signal to Atlas that it's time to sleep.

We use the 30-minute setting because it sometimes takes him a long time to fall asleep."

Would you recommend Baby Shusher to other parents?

"I already do! I've actually gifted it to a friend of mine who's newly pregnant." 

Follow Atlas (and Bianca) on Instagram @atlassuchter for adorable pics and baby adventures!

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