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Baby Shusher next to photo of Kelsey's baby girl

Baby Shusher Reviews | “She took to it right away”

 Kelsey's little girl holding her Baby ShusherWhen new mom Kelsey and her husband were gifted a Baby Shusher for Christmas, her sweet baby girl fell in love with its soothing sound. Why was this baby sound machine so great for her little one?

The Baby Shusher changed the sleep-soother game for Kelsey and her family. 

How did you hear about Baby Shusher?

"I heard about Baby Shusher on Instagram from a few different moms who spoke highly of it.

I used to joke with my husband that we needed it because the only thing that would calm our newborn down was 'shushing' her. It got tiring!

As a joke, my mom gifted it to my husband for Christmas, and it ended up being the best gift we have received! "

Were there any sleep issues before you got it? Were any activities hard to complete?

"We didn’t have sleep issues with our baby, but we did have some trouble consoling her and getting her to calm down before bedtime.

We used to rock her and shush her, until we got Baby Shusher and it did all the work for us! We place it on the outside of her bassinet when we lay her down and she falls asleep so well without fussing! It also helps in the car.

Before, one of us would have to sit in the back with her to make sure she was okay and stay calm. Now we just place the Shusher in her car seat and she stays calm for every drive."

 What was your baby’s response to Baby Shusher?

"Our baby’s response to the Shusher was amazing! She took to it right away and it seriously worked wonders for keeping her calm with that sound!"

When do you use it most?

"We mostly use Baby Shusher during naps and bedtime.

That’s when she needs it the most, but it’s also super helpful on car rides and walks around the neighborhood for soothing background noise." 

Would you recommend Baby Shusher?

"I would 100% recommend Baby Shusher to every mom!

Especially if the only thing that calms your baby, like ours, is the sound of shushing. Because yes, you can do it yourself, but it gets tiring!

This is easy to place in their crib or the car seat and it has two timer settings - 15 minutes and 30 minutes - so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it off. Once you turn the dial, the magic happens!" 

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You can find Kelsey on Instagram at @lifeoflenart, where she posts pics of her beautiful little newborn and inspiring interior design. 

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