Frequently Asked Questions


This is totally normal and used for device safety. The gel-like substance is a lubricant applied to the device that prevents components from corroding. This is totally normal and used for device safety. It is safe to touch and will not affect the product long-term.

An average baby's cry decibels start at 90 decibels and can reach a maximum of about 120 decibels. This is equivalent to the sound of an aircraft taking off, so it can be quite loud in comparison to other environmental sounds.

It is important to note that a baby's cry decibels can vary depending on the baby's age and the type of noise they are exposed to. For instance, a baby may cry louder if there is a loud noise in the environment like a car horn or an ambulance siren.

In the womb, your baby is constantly exposed to sounds of over 95 dB. However, to ensure your baby’s safety, the Baby Shusher’s volume is below 85 dB.

Our recommendation is to start the Baby Shusher at a volume level loud enough to catch your baby’s attention and engage their calming reflex, then reduce the volume to match your baby’s calming state.

How Close Should The Baby Shusher Be To My Baby?

The Baby Shusher should be less than two feet from your baby to be most effective. This will ensure that they can hear the rhythmic shush above their own cry. The Baby Shusher is meant to stop your baby from crying, not simply to act as background noise, and the rhythmic shush can be lost if the Baby Shusher is not close enough for your child to hear and engage with it.

Of course! We highly recommend using the Baby Shusher alongside other methods such as swaddling or swinging. While the Baby Shusher has been proven to work on its own thousands of times, it is always a good idea to use every available method to help soothe your crying baby.

The Baby Shusher is made to be portable and versatile. Whether your baby is in your arms or in their crib, car seat, swing, or stroller, the Baby Shusher can be used to help soothe your baby almost anywhere. The Baby Shusher can even be used as a preventative measure to give your baby the best possible chance of remaining calm and at peace!

Note: The Baby Shusher is electronic and should not be used in or near water.

Just like every baby is different, so is the time it takes them to respond to the Baby Shusher’s rhythmic shush. We’ve seen the Baby Shusher work in seconds. We’ve also seen the Baby Shusher take up to 10 minutes before the baby finally embraces the rhythmic shush. Every baby and every situation is unique.

If your Baby Shusher is making quick “shushing” noises, it is likely low on batteries. The Baby Shusher uses AA batteries, available at most places that batteries are sold.

For more information, refer to our Warranty Policy.

Note: The Baby Shusher is electronic and should not be used in or near water.

While the Baby Shusher can be effective in babies up to nine months old, the Baby Shusher is most effective for babies in their “Fourth Trimester” – from birth to four months of age.

Our swaddles are 39” x 39” (or 99 cm x 99 cm), large enough to present a challenge to any escape-artist babies with the ability to extract themselves from smaller swaddles. They are also 100% cotton and amazingly soft after just one wash.