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Top 6 Items for Your Postpartum Mommy Kit

Top 6 Items for Your Postpartum Mommy Kit

Before you have your baby, you spend quite a bit of time making sure you have everything ready for the hospital. A checklist is created, the bag is by the door, you’ve even done a dry run for when it’s time. 😅 But once you get home with your little one, then what? Make sure you have the following on-hand to make the first few months after birth as easy as possible.


Menstrual Pads

Bleeding will occur for 2-6 weeks after giving birth, and it’s totally normal. Pads are a must-have for this time. Look for something you will be ok wearing around the clock but that is also super absorbent. We like thin pads meant for overnight wear.


Extra Undies

Even with protection in place, you’re going to have leaks. Make sure to pick up some comfy cotton undies to keep with you in case of oopsies. Try going up one size to help accommodate the pad and any cooling packs.


Witch Hazel Pads & Cooling Pads

Did you know lots of new mommies get hemorrhoids from delivery? Oh, the joys of birth! Make sure to pick up some pre-soaked witch hazel pads to help ease discomfort and cool the area. Also worth grabbing – cooling pads. Applying one to your perineum every few hours for the first couple of days is a life changer.


Relaxing Bath Soak

Taking a 15-minute warm bath every day can help loosen sore muscles, alleviate perineal pain, and reduce itching. Consult your doctor about adding bath salts or oils. When in doubt, plain warm water can do wonder. 


Stool Softener*

Constipation is completely normal after giving birth. You’ll probably want to have some gentle stool softeners on-hand to help you get things moving again. A good rule of thumb is to check with your doctor if these should be part of your postpartum care and get a brand recommendation from them.

*Make sure to check with your doctor before starting any new medication.


Organic Coconut Oil

This all-natural solution to sore nipples helps soothe and moisturize skin without causing skin sloughing. Plus, it’s easily absorbed into the skin, so you aren’t left feeling overheated or greasy. You’ll want to find virgin coconut oil that is food grade with no other additives.


Most of all, remember, you just gave birth. It’s normal for everything to need a bit to return to normal. Make sure that while you’re doting on baby, you’re also taking care of yourself. Take the time to pamper your body and tend to your needs. A happy momma leads to a happy baby. 

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