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Baby Shusher Reviews |

Baby Shusher Reviews | "We used Baby Shusher Constantly"

Customer Review – “We used Baby Shusher constantly, and it worked like a charm.”

When new mom and Newborn & Infant Coach Ali had her daughter, she quickly discovered the magic of Baby Shusher – from car rides to bedtimes – and has used it with three kiddos so far! Here’s her story.

Customer Ali with her newborn baby

How did you hear about Baby Shusher?

It was actually a gift from one of my girlfriends when I had my first baby in 2016!

What was your experience using it with your newborn?

"One of the first things that I learned with my baby was how quickly the shush sound soothed her.

We read a few books to prepare for parenthood, so we knew the benefits of shushing, swaddling, swaying, sucking, and side lying. We used Baby Shusher constantly, and it worked like a charm.

There were times in the car or in the night when we were just exhausted, and that’s when we used the Shusher most. It was so nice to have the sound exactly the way we would have done it but without the effort.

Changing the volume was a game changer, too."

Did you take it with you when out and about?

"Yes! I remember our first big car trip with Liv when she was a baby, and we probably used it for 2 hours straight in the car. It was a godsend!"

Do you still use it now with your younger children?

"The Shusher has lasted 5 years and with 3 children - not including my sister’s baby, as well. We both agree it’s one of our must-have items for baby’s arrival."

Would you recommend Baby Shusher?

Absolutely! I think everyone needs a Baby Shusher in their arsenal of baby gear on-hand."

You can follow Ali on Instagram at @surviveandthrivemama, where she shares gorgeous family photos and inspiring words of wisdom.

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