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Customer Review - “It's a miracle machine!” | Baby Shusher Blog

Customer Review - “It's a miracle machine!” | Baby Shusher Blog

Baby Shusher Review by Photographer Karma

When Newborn & Family Photographer Karma Germanos has a baby photoshoot, every parent wants to know the same thing: “What on earth is that noise? I have to buy it!”

That would be Baby Shusher, working its magic. Karma runs GKS Photography Service in Sydney, Australia, where she captures special family moments and has a lot of fun behind the scenes. 

As a professional photographer, how do you get babies and young children to cooperate in front of the camera?

For newborn babies, I set the mood by playing soft music in the background, set the studio to warm, and I play the Baby Shusher. The babies feel snug and warm when I wrap them. They feel secure and safe all the time.


What’s your biggest challenge on the job?

When the baby is fussy due to gassy bellies. I know exactly what to do and I teach the parents (mostly first-time parents) what to do. The photoshoot is usually their first outing with the baby, so I always give them tips and tricks on what to do to settle the baby.


What’s the biggest reward?

Parents absolutely love and enjoy the session. They are so grateful for the photos and the extra support I give them. I've had to help some mums with breastfeeding, how to latch and sit properly when feeding. I love to help and give back as much as I can.


What’s one thing you wished parents knew when coming in for a professional family photoshoot?

Nothing really. I always give them as much information as possible. Even calm their nerves.


How does Baby Shusher help you during photoshoots?

It's a miracle machine. As soon as I play it, they calm down. Along with some cuddles and having a full belly.


To view Karma’s brilliant work and see some of her behind the scenes antics, follow her on Instagram at @gks_photography.

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