Activities to Keep Your Kids Occupied and Safe All Summer Long

Activities to Keep Your Kids Occupied and Safe All Summer Long

Activities to Keep Your Kids Occupied and Safe All Summer Long

The summer months can feel endless, and the idea of keeping your kids occupied during the summer can be unnerving. On top of that, making sure they are staying safe is of top priority. Posting them in front of the television can leave you wanting more and will only keep them entertained for so long. With these fun activities, you can be assured that your child will be entertained for hours on end.


Pools and swimming are quintessential summer activities. This can be great fun for the entire family and a wonderful respite from the hotter summer sun, as long as you take proper precautions. Make sure there is an adult always keeping their watch on the younger kids, whether that be you, a spouse, or a friend. It is also a good idea to keep necessary floating devices on the children or inside the pool. Your kids will get to play, they will also get to be active and tire themselves out in the process. If you are wondering how much does an inground pool cost, know that there are options within your price point and surely this summer accessory will be well worth it in the end.

After having fun in the water, it’s important that your kids, and even yourself, are drying out their ears to avoid infection from bacteria. Q Tips are not a safe option for cleaning out anyone’s ears, but especially children. Spend time to find an ear cleaning instrument that won’t damage the canals and is easy to use.

Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course

During nice weather, when it isn’t too hot or too cold, take your kids outside to harness their creativity and get them moving by creating a sidewalk chalk obstacle course with them. They can be a part of the design process and then have an activity that will challenge their coordination and will hopefully leave them tickled with giggles. This is perfect for a safe activity since they will be having fun right outside of the house and you’ll be able to easily keep a watch on them.

Games and Family Fun

There are plenty of games that can be a blast for the entire family. If you are tired of playing the same children’s board games, switch up your at-home family fun. Consider alternating between different activities to keep things interesting with different child-friendly games and activities that you can easily find online. Playing games with your kids allows them to have plenty of fun without any risks.

Online Tours

Take the time to explore your world through online archives. All sorts of museums, zoos, and other attraction sites offer virtual engagement. While you may not be able to fly off to another coast, they may offer virtual tours or online activities for your child to learn from without leaving your house. On rainy days, this is a great way to keep them engaged and learning without wasting their energy on mindless use of a tablet or computer.

Bake Together

It can be a great experience to learn a new skill together, and baking can be a fun way to get your kiddos involved in food. Whether you make cookies or decorate a cake together, food can be a medium to bond over. Consider increasing the difficulty and teaching your kids about the science behind baking for an added layer of learning. Always pay attention to the stovetop or oven, making sure your kids don’t accidentally burn themselves. It would be smart to keep them at a table or countertop to do the mixing or decorating while you handle anything that involves heat.

Science Experiments

Beyond baking, you can make education at-home fun. If you have ever postulated about how to bring science home, give at-home science experiments with your kids a try. This can be an interesting way to explore and discover the world of experiments and science from the comfort of your own home.

Pillow Forts

The days of building forts and creating hideaways with blankets, pillows, furniture and anything else you can find around the house. By embracing your inner child and giving your child the space to be creative, you can bond over the creation of a structure. Once you are done, eat a snack or read a book in your new space to truly create a home within your home. Enlist the help of a room’s worth of furniture and as many supplies as you need to make a fortress that your inner child will be jealous of.


Utilizing arts and crafts to keep your little one busy is a tried and true activity. Whether you are creating their favorite animals with paper or painting birdhouses for your fluttering friends, these can tap into your child’s creative side and keep them busy. There are kits that parents can purchase and resources available online to give you endless ideas. Just make sure to keep scissors out of the way if they’re not old enough to know how to use them.

Keeping your kids busy and safe at home can scare even the most creative and patient of parents; however, don’t fret. If you utilize these stay-at-home activities, you can be sure to keep your child occupied and engaged, and they may even learn something.

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