Shushie™ Soothing Silicone Pacifier Set (6-Pack)


The Baby Shusher emits a repeating "shhh" in the sound of a real human voice, calming fussy crying babies.

Indulge your little one with our Shushie™ Soothing Silicone Pacifier Set (6-Pack) and witness the magic of contentment unfold.

Babies adore Shushie™ pacifiers because they mimic the gentle touch of real skin. Transition from "fussy" to "calm" effortlessly with these pacifiers, specially designed to engage your baby's natural sucking reflex.

Developed by pediatricians, Shushie™ pacifiers are crafted to support healthy teeth and gum development right from birth. Experience ultimate comfort with extra ventilation holes that enhance air circulation, preventing any discomfort and chafing of your baby's skin. The beveled nipple and tapered shield help the pacifiers stay in the baby's mouth.

Rest easy knowing these pacifiers are non-toxic. Crafted from 100% hospital-grade silicone, they are hypoallergenic and BPA-free, prioritizing your baby's safety and well-being.

Easy to sterilize in dishwasher or by soaking in boiling water. 

Embrace the joy of gender-neutral shades, making this pacifier set an ideal baby shower gift, perfect for both boys and girls.

Give your baby the best, because they deserve nothing but the most comforting and secure start in life.