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5 Tips on Babyproofing Your Home

5 Tips on Babyproofing Your Home

Babies are incredible little beings and being a parent is such a marvelous experience. When they are very small, there is very little that they can get into. While there are safety procedures, because they are reliant on you to get around, measures to secure your home are minimal. As they begin to grow, it is important to keep in mind that there are safety procedures that you need to consider to make sure that they are safe. Before they start navigating their way around your home, make sure to keep in mind these five babyproofing tips to keep them safe.

Securing Medication

Securing medications is a key component of babyproofing your home. All of your medications, including prenatal vitamins should be safely stowed away out of your baby’s reach. While prenatal vitamins were safe for you to ingest for your and your baby’s health during pregnancy, they are certainly not safe for your child, so it is critical to have any and all medications out of their reach. Not only should medication be stored high up away from children, if possible it should also be locked away so that there is no way for kids to get into it.

Safely Storing Chemicals

Chemicals can be a big safety risk for your children. Whether this is cleaning products or maintenance fluids, anything that can go into your child’s mouth that could be dangerous should be stored away. Storing everything that a baby could get into in a high up area may not be feasible, so cabinet locks are a great alternative. While a cabinet may be within reach of a child’s arm, childproof locks are a deterrent that can keep your baby safe. Whether you opt for magnets, press locks or grip locks, these can keep your little ones out of drawers and cabinets where they shouldn’t be. If you are using something that uses a key-like system like a magnet, it is important to also store the unlocking device away from your child’s reach.

Installing Baby Gates

Baby gates are a quintessential component of babyproofing, as these keep children locked in certain areas with mechanisms that typically can only be managed by adults. These systems are intended to keep children gated off in certain areas or restricted from encountering dangers like stairs. They come in mesh material, swinging gates and many other materials, but all lock. It is important that when installing these, you follow all of the necessary safety procedures, as improper installation can lead to significant safety hazards.

Presence of Pet Supplies

Pet supplies are another factor when it comes to creating a safe environment for your child. When babyproofing a home with pets, it is important to still create an environment that is safe and secure for your pets but making adjustments that protect your child. Consider using baby gates to secure the pet’s area so that you do not find your child trying to munch on pet snacks and stealing the family pet’s toys.

Babyproofing the House

Babyproofing can be a big undertaking as children have a way of finding their way into everything. While you may start with the most critical spaces in the house, it is important that you babyproof the entire home. Starting on a room by room basis will allow you to assess each space and evaluate it for potential dangers and then begin to put protective safety measures into place. This process can be lengthy, so start babyproofing well before your kiddo starts cruising the furniture. This will give you plenty of time, as opposed to rushing around trying to snatch up your kid before they reach the next danger around your underprepared home.

Babyproofing is a necessary step in securely your child and ensuring their safety. Once they get moving, it will be natural for them to want to explore their environment. You will want to ensure that your home is safe for them to explore and navigate so that they can learn and grow while still being protected.

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