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Baby Shusher Named 2024 Product of the Year

Baby Shusher Named 2024 Product of the Year

Baby Maternity Magazine has named Baby Shusher as a 2024 Product of the Year in the Baby Sleep Aids category. The Baby Maternity Awards Program is unique in that all products submitted are reviewed by expectant mothers, new moms and baby caregivers. 

“We are honored that Baby Shusher has received the Product of the Year designation from Baby-Maternity magazine,” says Chris Carignan, CEO of pNeo. “It’s so rewarding to hear stories from the millions of parents who love our Shusher products.”

To be considered for the award, each entrant must submit samples to be reviewed by over 50 guest reviewers. Products are then evaluated based on written comments and scores. Only one product per category can win a Product of the Year award, making our designation especially meaningful. 

The prestigious 2024 Product of the Year Award is a testament to the quality and effectiveness of Baby Shusher in soothing fussy babies, breaking crying spells, and making rest easier for families worldwide. 

To learn more about the Baby Maternity Awards, visit:

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