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Why Does Shushing Calm Fussy Babies? | Baby Shusher Blog

When it comes to soothing a fussy baby, parents often try a variety of techniques. One method that has been used for centuries is shushing. But why does shushing calm babies? In this blog post, we will explore the science behind this age-old technique and how the Baby Shusher can help.

What is the Baby Shusher?

The Baby Shusher is a revolutionary device that mimics the sound of a shushing parent. It is designed to help calm and soothe babies by creating a rhythmic, repetitive sound that mimics the sounds they heard in the womb. The Baby Shusher is a portable and easy-to-use tool that can be a lifesaver for tired parents. Did we mention it comes with 2 AA Duracell batteries?

Why does shushing calm babies?

Shushing has a calming effect on babies because it reminds them of the sounds they heard in the womb. Inside the womb, babies are surrounded by a constant symphony of sounds, including the rhythmic whooshing of blood flow and the mother's heartbeat. These sounds are not only familiar to babies but also have a soothing effect on them.

When a baby is born, they are suddenly exposed to a world of new and unfamiliar sounds. This can be overwhelming and stressful for them. Shushing recreates the familiar sounds of the womb, providing a sense of comfort and security for the baby.

How does the Baby Shusher work?

The Baby Shusher works by emitting a rhythmic shushing sound that mimics the sounds heard in the womb. The sound is loud enough to be heard by the baby but not so loud as to be overwhelming. The repetitive nature of the sound helps to calm the baby and lull them into a state of relaxation.

The Baby Shusher is designed to be used in short bursts, typically for a few 15-30 minutes at a time. This allows the baby to gradually settle down and fall asleep and "break the crying spell". The device is portable and can be used anywhere, making it a convenient tool for parents on the go.

The benefits of using the Baby Shusher

Using the Baby Shusher can have several benefits for both babies and parents. Firstly, it can help to calm a fussy or crying baby, allowing them to relax and fall asleep more easily. This can be a lifesaver for tired parents who are desperate for some rest.

Secondly, the Baby Shusher can help to establish a bedtime routine for babies. By using the device consistently before bedtime, babies can learn to associate the shushing sound with sleep, making it easier for them to settle down at night.

Lastly, the Baby Shusher is a safe and natural alternative to other soothing methods, such as rocking or using pacifiers. It does not rely on any external objects or medications, making it a gentle and non-invasive way to calm a baby.


Shushing has long been used as a technique to calm babies, and now with the Baby Shusher, parents have a convenient and effective tool to help soothe their little ones. By recreating the familiar sounds of the womb, the Baby Shusher provides a sense of comfort and security for babies, helping them to relax and fall asleep. So the next time your baby is fussy, give shushing a try with the Baby Shusher and experience the calming effects for yourself.

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