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Learning to Walk | Baby Shusher Blog

Learning to Walk | Baby Shusher Blog

Every baby's journey to walking is unique. Some babies take their first steps early, while others may wait until they're closer to their first birthday. Be patient and avoid comparing your child's progress to others. Encourage your baby with praise and applause, regardless of how small or wobbly their steps may be.

Create a Safe Environment

Before encouraging your baby to take those first steps, ensure that your home is a safe and baby-proofed environment. Remove potential hazards, secure sharp objects or heavy furniture, and install safety gates to protect your little explorer from accidents as they navigate their new world on two feet.


Hold Their Hand

During those early steps, offer your baby a stable base by holding their hand or letting them hold your fingers. This provides support and balance while allowing them to practice walking at their own pace. Keep your stance steady and let them lead, taking as many steps as they feel comfortable with.


Use a Sturdy Push Toy

A push toy, like a walker or a toy shopping cart, can be a fun way to encourage your baby to take steps independently. Choose a sturdy, age-appropriate push toy that offers stability and won't tip over easily. Your baby will enjoy the sense of freedom and adventure as they push their toy around.


Offer Supportive Footwear

While your baby is taking their first steps, opt for soft-soled, lightweight shoes that provide protection without restricting their natural foot development. Flexible shoes with non-slip soles can help your baby maintain balance as they explore their newfound mobility.


Maintain a Positive Atmosphere

Make walking an enjoyable and positive experience for your baby. Celebrate their efforts with smiles, claps, and words of encouragement. Avoid displaying frustration or disappointment if they stumble or fall. Your enthusiasm will boost their confidence and motivation to keep trying.


Practice Balancing Activities

Balancing is a critical aspect of walking. Encourage your baby to practice balance by letting them stand on one leg, play games that involve shifting weight from one foot to the other, or use balance boards or cushions to improve stability.


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