Buzzing with Success: A Round-Up of Baby Shusher's Latest Media Highlights

Buzzing with Success: A Round-Up of Baby Shusher's Latest Media Highlights

Buzzing with Success: A Round-Up of Baby Shusher's Latest Media Highlights

In the whirlwind world of parenting, where coffee is a lifeline and sleep a distant memory, any gadget that promises a moment of peace is more precious than gold. Enter Baby Shusher, a nifty little device that soothes fussy babies with a calming shush. This gem has not only won over bleary-eyed parents, but also caught the eye of the media. Here’s the lowdown on where Baby Shusher has been making waves the last few months.

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“An easy-to-use Baby Shusher to quiet fussy newborns with the human recordings of rhythmic shushing. It’s got built-in 15- and 30-minute timers and adjustable volume so you can get your baby off to dreamland wherever you are in record time. Something you’ll both be grateful for!"

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“Parents who like to shush their little one to sleep can save themselves some time (and dry mouths) with this shushing machine, which uses real human shushing noises to lull the baby to sleep. The portable cordless design makes it great for families on the go, while the adjustable volume control helps put the baby to sleep without bothering the rest of the house.”

The EveryMom - The Best Baby Sleep Products New Parents Love

“This is a IYKYK kind of item that our editors love to recommend. It makes no sense if you haven’t been there, but you will thank us later.”

sheknows - Parents Are Crying Happy Tears Over This ‘Absolute Magic’ Sound Machine That Put Their Baby To Sleep in 60 Seconds

“This 5-inch soother can be set to a 15- or 30-minute timing. Choose your volume level and then place it near your baby in the car or in their bedroom (just not in the crib with them!) or carry it on your wrist while you take a stroll around the block. And batteries are included because the company knows you’re too sleep-deprived to grab a screwdriver. Thank you!”

Rolling Stone - 30 Best Baby Shower Gifts That’ll Impress Any New Parent

“This best-selling gadget is something so simple, yet will be a lifesaver for first-time parents who are still learning how to calm their baby. The sleep sound machine uses a real human voice to “shush” the baby and works on 15-30 minute timers. What we love: it’s portable, user-friendly, and comes with batteries included.”

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“A Baby Shusher - it does exactly what it sounds like: makes a shushing sound to help calm and relax your little one so you don’t have to. It’s lightweight and portable, too, so you can carry it to the grocery store, airport, or just the living room. So smart!”

As it continues to charm nurseries and newsfeeds, Baby Shusher is a reminder that sometimes, the best solutions come in the smallest packages. Stay tuned, stay rested, and remember, in the world of parenting, a little shush goes a long way!

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