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Baby Shusher App


Baby Sleep & Soother App: The Superior Alternative to White Noise

Calm your baby in minutes with the Baby Shusher app - plays a relaxing, soothing baby sleep sound to help your baby sleep faster. Trusted by over 3 million parents for more than 10 years.

The Baby Shusher sleep app is your ultimate companion for soothing and calming your little one to sleep. This innovative sound machine provides a simple, one-click solution to calm your baby with instant soothing sleep sounds that resemble a gentle lullaby. This powerful alternative to white noise ensures blissful sleep for infants, newborns, and young children.

“I wish I would have known about this sooner. It is truly a miracle for me and baby to have a good night’s rest together!” - Mercedes, mother of a 3 month old

Baby Shusher App Features:

  • Adjustable 'shush' sound with timer options (15 minutes to 8 hours of continuous shushing)
  • Automatically adjusts volume to baby's cry volume
  • Safe, user-friendly, and effective baby calming sound machine
  • Shush sounds play in dark mode (night mode) to avoid extra mobile light during sleep
  • Works even when phone is locked
  • Used by Pediatricians & Childcare Centers
  • Can run in the background while enjoying other apps
  • Enhances infant's natural calming reflex

Recommended by parents and doctors specializing in infant care, Baby Shusher has become the trusted choice in baby sleep sound machines. This baby soother safely stops babies from crying with a rhythmic “shush” sound that engages the natural calming reflex by reminding them of the womb.

The Baby Shusher app soothes fussy babies fast and increases nap time and sleep time, helping manage sleeping patterns and offering relief for crying spells. The sound equalizer feature allows the app to respond to your baby’s crying spells, adjusting the shush volume until your baby calms down.

Discover the power of this baby sound machine that incorporates traditional, doctor-tested techniques to soothe and relax your fussy baby.

*Note: Turn your phone on silent/mute to let the app work its magic.

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