Tips & Tricks for Tired Parents

Take 5 minutes and enjoy a shower, bath or cup of tea. Don’t feel guilty about ignoring the laundry and taking a nap. Get some sunshine when you can.

Remember that the days are long, but the years are short.

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  1. What impact has the pandemic had on new parents?
    The pandemic, and the necessary social distancing and other health interventions has changed the way we interact as a community, and parenting is not exempt from these changes. Research is emerging that suggests that mothers are self-reporting higher rates of loneliness and depression, more difficulty establishing breastfeeding, and expressing more difficulty with bonding with their children. 
  2. Although restrictions have been eased, do you feel that parents still feel lasting effects of the pandemic?
    Absolutely. Parenting pre-2020 was difficult, and even though restrictions are easing, we still face new virus variants and the stress associated with that. We’re all acutely aware of how vulnerable babies and young children are, so this is definitely having an impact on parents and the way we parent.
  3. What can parents do to help get their child into a steady sleeping schedule? 
    Routines & predictable patterns are important for all of us, especially babies. In those first few months after birth, swaddling, suckling & shushing soothe baby & set up a perfect environment for sleep – shushing can be especially tiring, especially if you have to do it for several minutes at a stretch, so Baby Shusher can take away some of that work so you can relax a little and focus on your baby.
  4. The rise of baby-tech has been well documented, but do you think it has gone too far and become more gimmicky than useful? 
    Parenting is hard work, and throughout time, humans have always tried to make life easier. At one point, prams were predominantly a tool for the wealthy, but time has made this an essential. While I’m sure that there are tools I wouldn’t choose for myself, if a parent gets a genuine benefit, then it’s a win. 
  5. So, what tips or tricks would you offer tired parents? 
    Take 5 minutes and enjoy a shower, bath or cup of tea. Don’t feel guilty about ignoring the laundry & taking a nap. Get some sunshine when you can. Remember that the days are long, but the years are short.

Happy Amazon Customers

It's a long established fact that customers love Baby Shusher!
We got brought this as a present and love it! Little one uses it to go to sleep and helps its small to use in car seat and pushchair when out and about.

Stevie Lomas

Works like a charm! Shushes my baby to sleep after a feed in the middle of the night. It’s a pleasure to listen to and doesn’t bother me my husband or the dog, she sleeps though it too! I love this shusher as it was me standing there before rocking him and shushing him now I use this and I also bought the Rocket too. Together they make the Ultimate go back to sleep machine!! LOVE THIS!!!!! THANK YOU! X x x

Emily Terry

Brilliant. Wonder why I put of buying it for so long. My son went straight to sleep now Ben took him upstairs and put him in his sleeping bag with it on and still went to sleep. Better than Ewan the sheep. Usually he pushes his dummy out to keep himself awake. But with the baby shusher 3 hours later his dummy is still in. A must have for all parents.

Sarah Kellitt

Very very happy with the baby shusher! It works really well with our little one for getting him to sleep and keeping him asleep! It only lasts 30 minutes before you need to turn it on again but for us this has been the right amount of time. Battery seems to be lasting well too, not sure how easy it is to change this but will find out eventually. Very happy.


First time mother writing! Bought this for my 4 month old who has a habit of stirring in her sleep and needing a little persuasion to get back to sleep - this is PERFECT. I can set this off and put it in her crib and she will drift back to sleep and I can too. I was sceptical as it’s fairly expensive but honestly I’ve only had it for four days and I’ve told everyone about it I wish I bought it when she was a new born and I was “shushing” for hours at a time! Can take it anywhere and baby loves it. This is one new mum gadget I’m definitely on board with.

Peachy Mama

We were recommended this product by the photographer who did our newborn shoot as we were astonished how calm and sleepy our (normally crying) baby was for the pictures, and WOW what a genius gadget for helping to soothe our little one off to sleep! We’ve continued using it every day for almost a year and wouldn’t be without it, whether at home, away, in the pram, or in the car! Plus, we’ve been so impressed with the customer service from the company!!! So thank you very much!!! We highly recommend this shusher, nobody should have to parent without it! :)


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