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Discover the Simple Gentle Genius of The Baby Shusher.

The Sleep Miracle for Babies



    The Soothing Sleep Solution Every Parent Dreams Of

    In the world of parenting, sleep is gold—and The Baby Shusher is your treasure chest. Designed by sleep-deprived parents for parents, our revolutionary shushing device mimics the natural calming reflex of a soothing human voice, helping your baby drift off to sleep faster and stay asleep longer.

    Pediatrician approved Baby Shusher & and mom holding baby.

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    Why You'll Love The Baby Shusher:

    • Innovative Shush Timer: With adjustable volume and timed shushing sessions, you control how long The Baby Shusher works its magic.

      Portable Peace: Compact and easy to use, bring the gift of sleep wherever you and baby go.

    • Safe and Sound: Inspired by the ancient, proven practice of shushing, our device is as safe as a lullaby. Everything else is just white noise.
    • Parenting Sanity-Saver: Reclaim precious hours of rest for you and your little one.

    Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

    Parenthood shouldn't be about sleepless nights. With The Baby Shusher, embrace serenity and let the gentle rhythm of a shush invite a tranquil ambiance for you and your baby.

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    What parents have to say.

    • Hear from the well-rested parents who’ve welcomed peace into their homes with The Baby Shusher.

    Sandman Vs. The Baby Shusher: Powered by Duracell


    Once upon a time, in the land of dreamland, the Sandman ruled the realm of sleep. With his magical sand and soothing lullabies, he had the power to make even the most restless souls drift off into dreamland. But little did he know, there was a new kid on the block, ready to challenge his reign. Enter the Baby Shusher, armed with its rhythmic "Shhh" sound that could lull even the fussiest of babies into a peaceful slumber.

    The Sandman thought he had it in the bag, but when he went head-to-head with the Baby Shusher, he met his match. The babies couldn't resist the enchanting sound of the Baby Shusher, and the Sandman was left scratching his head (or should we say, sand?) in defeat. Who knew that a tiny device could outshine the Sandman himself?

    So next time you're struggling to put your little one to sleep, remember the legend of the Sandman and the Baby Shusher, and choose the ultimate sleep champion.