Fun Ways to Discover Your Baby’s Gender in the First 15 Weeks of Pregnancy

Fun Ways to Discover Your Baby's Gender in the First 15 Weeks of Pregnancy

Typically, you can’t find out your baby’s gender until you are between 16 and 20 weeks into your pregnancy. At this time, your baby’s genitals are fully developed and your doctor can perform an ultrasound to see whether you are having a boy or a girl. But some parents have a hard time waiting and want to find other ways to discover  their baby’s gender. While an ultrasound is the only reliable way to find out the gender, the gender predictors in this article can be fun to try and may help you pass the time while you wait to find out what you’re having.

Dreams May Tell Your Baby’s Gender

Many people believe that a mother can see the face of her child in her dreams. When you’re pregnant, you’ll typically have wild and vivid dreams, and you may even dream about babies fairly often. An old folklore states that if you consistently dream of a baby of the same gender, then that is what you will be having. So write down your dreams as soon as you wake up and see if they prove to be true!

Ring Swing Gender Test

Another old folktale says that your wedding ring (or other ring you wear every day) can tell you your baby’s gender. Take off your ring and tie a string to it that is about a foot long. Lie down and hold the string over your belly so that the ring hangs from the bottom; you can also have your partner or a family member hold it for you. Just make sure that the person holding it does their best to keep their hand still. The folktale says that if the ring swings side to side like a pendulum, then you will have a boy. If it begins to swing in a circular motion, then tradition says you will have a girl.

Food Cravings Can Tell the Tale

There are many old wives’ tales that say your pregnancy cravings can be a sign of your baby’s gender. Can’t stay away from ice cream, chocolate, and other sweet treats? Then your baby will be a girl. But if you crave salty foods like French fries and potato chips, it is more likely that you will be having a boy.

Age and Conception

This is an ancient Chinese method of predicting a baby’s gender, and you can find it here. Simply enter how old you were at the time of conception and the month in which conception occurred. Chinese tradition will then tell you whether you are having a boy or girl, and supposedly, it’s as much as 93% accurate!

Morning Sickness

Many people claim that the level of their morning sickness is directly related to whether they are having a boy or a girl. If you’re constantly nauseous and throw up regularly, then you may be more likely to have a girl. If you tend to feel perfectly normal in your first trimester, then you’re more likely to be carrying a boy. There are even some studies that have supported these claims.

Baby’s Heart Rate

When your doctor runs the Doppler over your belly to listen to your baby’s heartbeat, ask how fast it is. Many people believe that babies with a heart rate under 140 beats per minute are boys, while those over 140 beats per minute are girls.

These are fun ways to take a guess at your baby’s gender, but don’t be discouraged if you get mixed results from these tests. Remember, the only real way to know what you’re having is to get an ultrasound. Even then, nothing is foolproof, and you may still end up with a surprise when your baby is born!