Fun Fall Activities to Do as a Family

Written By Amanda Ryan

As fall rolls around again, you probably have so many ideas swirling around in your mind of what you want to do this season. There are some fall staples, like drinking hot chocolate, going to an apple orchard, and carving pumpkins. While nobody can argue that these activities aren’t enjoyable, why not try to think outside of the box a little bit?

So, how can you still participate in your favorite fall activities, while also giving them a little bit of a twist?

Here are our ideas…

Leaf Raking

Now, we aren’t talking about just raking leaves normally. Our fun fall activity takes a boring chore and turns it into a fun competition. After your family has raked all the leaves in the yard, then the fun begins…

The competition will consist of jumping into the giant piles of leaves that you have raked. One family member will be a judge, and the others will use their best moves to perform a jump into their pile of leaves.

The jumper with the best jump wins!

Hot Chocolate Stand

Who doesn’t love to cozy up by a fire with a cup of hot chocolate when it starts to get cold? I know that I do! While this is such a nice activity to do as a family, why not jazz it up a bit?

Instead of going out and buying hot cocoa, make your very own hot cocoa stand! Work together to make some homemade hot chocolate. Try those recipes that you have been dying to drink, or maybe a really cool one you saw on Pinterest.

Set up a hot chocolate stand offering all the hot chocolate each family member made. Once it is time to close up the stand, count your earnings and decide on a great cause to donate the earnings to.

This is a fun, and charitable activity. What more could you ask for?

Have A Carve-Off

One of the first things we think of when we think of fall is pumpkin carving. There’s just something about digging your hand in a gooey pumpkin and yanking out all the slime and pumpkin seeds that never gets old. This year mix up your pumpkin-carving day by having a carve-off.

Have each person write an object, person, or animal on a piece of paper. Then, have each member draw a piece of that paper, and whatever is on their paper they have to carve.

Post the pictures on Facebook and let your friends decide who nailed the contest or assign a family member as a judge. Let the winner pick dinner for the night!

Have a Fall-Themed Picnic

One of the best parts of fall in my opinion, is the food. Warm, delicious soups, apple desserts, chili, you can’t get enough of these goodies. This is why a fall-themed picnic is such a fun way to enjoy the weather, and the food for the fall season.

Have a potluck with your family members in the sense that each person picks out a fall recipe to make. Chicken noodle soup, apple pie, or s’mores bars, whatever you can come up with will be a delicious addition to the fall picnic. Once you have your menu complete, find a nice park to have your picnic at.

Don’t forget to bring some activities to do after the meal, like Frisbee, or football!

Organize a Football Game with Another Family

Fall is also known as football season, which means it is a great time for your family to get involved. You may not be in the NFL, but who says you can’t participate in a fun game of football?

Make some yummy dips, appetizers, and desserts for your hungry team members to snack on throughout the day and get to playing. Just make sure that the game is a game of touch, or flag football. You don’t want to end up with injured teammates.

So, there you have it! Our twist on some of your favorite fall activities. What twists can you think of for classic fall activities? Don’t be afraid to get creative. The more creative you get, the better! Whatever you come up with, you will have a great time planning, and doing it.

Written By Amanda Ryan

Amanda Ryan is a freelance writer specializing in lifestyle content, such as recipes, and child and family content. She has always had a passion for learning about child development and the things that impact it. She received her bachelor’s degree in child and family development and has been writing in the field ever since. Amanda hopes to bring the knowledge and experience she has gained over the years to Baby Shusher to help its users as much as possible!

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