Dringa’s Story

This story was written by Scheyler Moffett. She is the creator of Dringa Vlogs on YouTube. She was born with Asperger’s syndrome, is completely blind, and has a chronic heart condition. She sent us this beautiful story she wrote “involving our Baby Shusher. Thanks Scheyler! 


This story was inspired by a show I was watching.

One day, I was watching the Muppet Babies, and Animal got mad because he couldn’t have his drums.

His friends told Animal to breathe in blue skies and breathe out gray.”

I was inspired to write a story about a girl with autism, who says deep breathing does NOT relax her AT ALL, and she explains what works instead.

I gave her the same character traits I happen to possess, but with a different name.


Once there was a girl by the name of Summer.

Summer was really good in school, for the most part.

Summer had brown skin and black hair.

Summer loved monkeys, so today, she was wearing a shirt with a monkey on the front.

She was very nice to her friends, and loved playing creative games like “pass the monkey” or “slap tag.”

Summer’s teachers had trouble understanding her because she had autism, and was different from some of the other students her age.

One of her quirks was that she was super fidgety and she was obsessed with words, and also monkeys.

She also liked flowers, cows, and England.

She had favorite and unfavorite textures.

Some of her favorite textures were satin and fleece, just to name a few.

Nobody even cared about monkeys, cows, flowers, or England  as much as Summer did, so Summer’s monkey, flower, cow, and England  talk was aggravating to the other students and teachers, who would respond meanly.

Sometimes her students would tell Summer to shut up, but the teacher did also.

These are called “special interests” in the autism community, a topic that an autistic person will research so much that their fingertips fall off.

They buy EVERYTHING related to the topic.

They talk about it ALL THE TIME, so much that it aggravates the parents, teachers and friends of the person.

Because the students and teachers didn’t understand, or care to understand Summer’s autism, Summer was moved to another class, with a teacher who was trained to understand, and to teach autistics and other special needs.

Summer melted down, because autistics don’t like change, so even though the change was for Summer’s good, it was still a change, and she freaked out.

She had a HUGE anxiety attack and started crying.

Her chest hurt, she felt dizzy, her heart felt like it was going to explode.

“mmmh?” she cried, which was her way of asking for reassurance.

Her teacher couldn’t get her to calm down, no matter what she tried.

“breathe in blue skies, breathe out gray” said the teacher.

Summer tried this, but it didn’t work, she was still JUST as nervous as when she started the breathing exercise.

Summer told the teacher that deep breathing didn’t work for her, and that everybody she talked to, suggested breathing to her and that deep breathing just didn’t relax Summer, like it did everybody else.

Summer had been in a yoga class when she was four, and deep breathing just didn’t work for Summer, no matter how many different ways she tried it.

All of the autism websites she read, and even her own OT, told Summer to take deep breaths to deal with big emotions like stress, anger, anxiety ETC but it didn’t work.

The teacher still didn’t know what to do with Summer, and Summer didn’t know what to do with her very own self.

Summer was crying like a wounded wolf.

The teacher got down to Summer’s level and hugged her.

“Shshshshshshshshshshshsh!” soothed the teacher as she softly patted Summer on the back.

Summer started calming down when the teacher said “Sshshshshshshshshshsh.”

The teacher started making long, soft shushing sounds at Summer until Summer calmed down.

She stopped crying and her chest stopped hurting.

“wow!” said the teacher.

“That shush sound really works!”

“Yes” said Summer.

“The shushing sound calms me down, it kind of sounds like the ocean, I find both sounds to be soothing” said Summer.

“Also, the “SSSSSSSSSSS sound calms me down as well.”

said Summer.

“Physical contact also calms me down, things like hugging, massaging, caressing ETC, makes me feel calm as well.” said Summer.

“I also like having someone to cry on.” said Summer.

Summer also had a stuffed cow named Bovvy,” who was inside Summer’s backpack.

Summer’s backpack had monkeys on it, and sometimes it even had monkeys inside it, but this time Summer decided to bring Bovvy.

Summer said that Bovvie helped Summer through some really nervous times in her life, such as flu shots, school pictures, and when her mother and father fought.

“If you don’t mind me asking, Summer, where did you get a name like Bovvy?”

“Well,” said Summer.

“I named her after my favorite, British beef bouillon paste, it’s called bovril, plus, a cow is known as a bovine” said Summer.