5 Things You Didn’t Know About Baby Shusher

Our friends at Sleepy Tot New Zealand wrote an amazing post about the ‘10 things you probably didn’t know about the Baby Shusher.’ They inspired our post, and we hope you learn new things about the Baby Shusher that you didn’t know before!

1. Baby Shusher will never replace being held and nurtured by Mom and Dad.

Some feedback Baby Shusher receives is, “Why not hold the baby to stop their crying?” This is a valid point, but the Baby Shusher is not intended to replace being held or cuddled by parents. Many mothers break down and cry because they are unable to soothe their baby out of a crying spell.

Think of it this way – your baby has been up 10 times already throughout the night because they’re fussy, hungry, or has an upset stomach. You’re very sleep deprived, mentally and physically exhausted, and probably a little irritable from lack of sleep. The shushing device along with rocking, singing, patting, etc. will put your baby to sleep faster, ending their crying spell, and allowing you to remain calm and collected. Not to mention you will be able to get more sleep as well.

The Baby Shusher has been successfully used with morphine-addicted babies, little ones coming out of operations where they can’t always be loved on and even premature babies that can’t always be held either.

Baby Shusher was founded by Chad & Katie Zunker, who birthed the product out of their own personal desperation while raising their three little girls. Chad and Katie’s story is well worth a read.


2. Baby Shusher has a calming effect on tired toddlers and parents too!

The Baby Shusher was originally designed to settle newborns in the first few months of their lives (4th trimester). The shushing triggers the calming reflex we are all born with. The sound is very calm and relaxing. In fact, it is so comforting that breastfeeding mothers can letdown and breastfeed more effectively.


3. Kim Kardashian loves her Baby Shusher!

She really does! There were no sponsorships paid for her endorsement. We were surprised when the Baby Shusher appeared on her show, Keeping Up with The Kardashians.


kim kardashian holding baby shusher on keeping up with the kardashians


4. Newborn photographers love Baby Shusher.

Photographers can get multiple beautiful shots of the baby during their sessions because the Baby Shusher calms the baby. This means less crying, breaks, or even rescheduling!

photographer using baby shusher to calm baby for photo


5. The Baby Shusher is an adaption of white noise.

Traditionally white noise is designed to be played during the entire sleep cycle. The Baby Shusher is a soothing tool which stops baby crying and helps them learn to settle quickly.

Baby Shusher uses long, rhythmic shushes. The shushes might come off as loud and intrusive, but it reminds baby of being inside mom. In utero, they are surrounded by the sounds of blood flow and other noises that can reach up to 95 dBs—or the sound of a very loud vacuum cleaner.

It may sound harsh at first, but the Baby Shusher is designed to break a baby’s cry spell and engage their natural calming reflex.

The sound level and timer options (15 or 30 minutes) have been Doctor approved and tested!